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Thursday, March 30, 2017

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The effects of low temperature applications on dormancy of Salvia verticillata L. and Rumex crispus L. seeds
Ayse Ozlem Tursun
52(6): 1885-1890,2020 : Download
Investigating the possible mechanisms involved in aluminum tolerance through analysis of transcriptome data from different genotypes of soybean
Huang Shoucheng, Huang Ping, Liu Ziwei, Fang Rongjun, Wen Zhongling, Yang Minkai, Fu Jiangyan, Zhao Hua, Lu Guihua, Qian Lisheng, Qi Jinliang and Yang Yonghua
52(6): 1891-1897,2020 : Download
Effects of irradiance on growth and morphophysiology in Catalpa bungei plantlets
Quan Qiu, Junhui Wang, Na Lin, Yan Su, Jianwei Ma, Jiyue Li and Qian He
52(6): 1899-1910,2020 : Download
Studies on germination ecology and seedlings characteristics of Cleome viscosa as affected by various environmental factors
Muhammad Mansoor Javaid, Zaigham Abbas, Hasnain Waheed, Athar Mahmood, Tasawer Abbas, Muhammad Mohsin Amin and Muhammad Asif
52(6): 1911-1919,2020 : Download
Effects of different concentrations of potassium chloride on some growth parameters of Solanum melongena L.
Sher Wali, Siraj-Ud-Din, Muhammad Junaid, Gulzad Ahmad and Fazli Rahim
52(6): 1921-1926,2020 : Download
Enhancing drought tolerance in Camelina sativa L. and Canola napus L. through application of selenium
Zahoor Ahmad, Ejaz Ahmad Waraich, Celaleddin Barut�ular, Hesham Alharby, Atif Bamagoos, Ferhat Kizilgeci, Ferhat �zt�rk, Akbar Hossain, Yousry Bayoumi and Ayman El Sabagh
52(6): 1927-1939,2020 : Download
The effects of alkaline stress and developing stage on the magnitude of clonal integration in Leymus chinensis (Poaceae): an isotopic (15N) assessment
Wenjun Zhang, Liang Wang, Huapei Liu, Tong Wang, Yan Wang, Taoran Gan, Yan Xing and Wei Wei
52(6): 1941-1947,2020 : Download
In-silico transcriptome study of the rice (Oryza sativa) strigolactone-deficient (dwarf17) mutant reveals a potential link of strigolactones with various stress-associated pathways
Fahad Nasir, Lei Tian, Ji Li, Shasha Luo, Asfa Batool, Ali Bahadur, Weiqian Li and Chunjie Tian
52(6): 1949-1955,2020 : Download
The effects of habitat degradation on phenology and reproduction of some species of genus Primula L.
Natalia Togonidze and Maia Akhalkatsi
52(6): 1957-1963,2020 : Download
Salix viminalis males maintain higher photosynthetic capacity than females under high temperature stress
Fei-Fei Zhai, Yun-Xing Zhang, Hai-Dong Li, Jin-Mei Mao, Zhen-Jian Li, Jun-Xiang Liu, Yong-Qiang Qian, Lei Han and Zhen-Yuan Sun
52(6): 1965-1971,2020 : Download
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