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Indigenous knowledge based herbal medicine for Corona (COVID-19)  treatment

Zabta K. Shinwari, Muhammad Qaiser, Muhammad Qasim Nasar and Amjad Ali

Current Corona virus Covid-19 crisis has infected more than 1.8 million humans in last three months and it is increasing exponentially every day. Some of the allopathic medicines (Cholroquine, Lopinover, Oseltamivir and Retenover etc.) used for other purposes like Malaria have shown good results in Corona. Plants species were reported to be effective in coronavirus (SARS-CoV), which causes a serious type of pneumonia. In similar way, Plant materials are a good source of bioactive compounds/phytochemicals that can be utilized not only for strengthening our immune system but also killing the pathogens. Due to chemical diversity and natural affability of natural products, either in the form of standardized extract or as a pure compound based on ethnopharmacological properties plays a s significant role in new drug development. Though, we have summarized medicinal plants that have a role in anti-viral activities, but there is an immediate need to find out more and more medicinal plants for anti-viral activities

To Cite this article: Shinwari, Z.K., M. Qaiser, M.Q. Nasar and A. Ali. 2020. Indigenous knowledge based herbal medicine for Corona (Covid-19) treatment. Pak. J. Bot., 52(4): DOI:

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