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Animal manures and some chemicals as soil supplement to improve growth, yield and fruit quality of tomato

Serhat Usanmaz and Mawupe Komlavi Atti

The aim of current research was to determine the effects of two different animal manures (poultry and sheep manures) as base fertilizer and four different chemical supplements (foliar application of seaweed liquid fertilizer, humic acid, photosynthetic bacteria and plant growth regulator) on plant growth and yield of tomato. Tomato is among the most important crops worldwide and its yield is highly dependent on the soil fertility. Experimental studies were conducted in a modern polyethylene greenhouse, located in Yedidalga village in Northern Cyprus. The ‘Halay’ tomato variety was used in the current studies and the experiments were designed as a factorial combination of three manure applications (including “no manure application” as control) and five chemical foliar supplements (including “no foliar application” as control). The experiment was laid out in a split-plot design and each unique treatment in plots was arranged in a completely randomized block design with four replicates per treatment and each replication consist of five plants. The planting density was 2,800 plants da-1 with 25 cm distance between plants and 120 cm distance between rows. Results showed that both animal manure and chemical supplement applications, alone or in combination, have significant influence on the number of fruits plant-1 and total yield (gr plant-1) of the tomato plants, however no significant effect on the plant height, plant stem diameter and fruit firmness. Results suggested that the best combinations for the higher total yield are the HA/PM (humic acid/poultry manure) and HA/SM (humic acid/sheep manure) applications with 3,547.7 gr plant-1, 3,496.7 gr plant-1, respectively

To Cite this article: Usanmaz S. and M.K. Atti. 2020. Animal manures and some chemicals as soil supplement to improve growth, yield and fruit quality of tomato. Pak. J. Bot., 52(4): DOI:

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