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Successful callogenesis from leaf and petiole of Bergenia ciliata (Haw.) Sternb and antibacterial activity of callus extracts

Inham Ul Haq, Ghazal Khurshid, Anum Zeb Abbasi, Ismat Nawaz, Tatheer Naqvi, Muhammad Arfan, Mohammad Maroof Shah, Bilal Ahmed Zafar Amin, Jamshaid Hussain, Muhammad Arif Ali, Shafiq Ur Rehman and Raza Ahmad

Medicinal plants have been used for centuries to prevent and treat different health disorders. Bergenia ciliata is native to Himalayas and is used traditionally as an antipyretic, an astringent, diuretic and for dissolving kidney and bladder stones. Due to the medicinal value of B. ciliata, it has been over-exploited leading to be classified an an endangered species. The current study was designed to see B. ciliata response to tissue culturing specifically to callus formation and antibacterial activity of callus extracts. Callus inducing media was supplemented with 2, 4-D and Kinetin. Visible signs of callus formation on cut edges of explants were observed after 13 and 14 days of culturing and leaf showed 95% while petiole depicted 88% callus induction, respectively. Highest dry weight of callus was obtained from petioles (0.61 mg), which was 12% higher than that of dry weight of callus produced by leaf explants on same medium. The ethanolic extract of both petiole and petiole-derived callus demonstrated promising antibacterial activity against six pathogenic bacterial strains. The results suggested that callus from valuable medicinal plants can provide a way to produce essential metabolites and help in the conservation of the natural population of endangered plants. In future, evaluating biochemical composition of callus and plants extracts will enable us to find new dimensions to get maximum benefits from in-vitro technique.

To Cite this article: Haq, I.U., G. Khurshid, A.Z. Abbasi, I. Nawaz, T. Naqvi, M. Arfan, M.M. Shah, B. Ahmed, Z. Amin, J. Hussain, M.A. Ali, S.U. Rehman and R. Ahmad. 2019. Successful callogenesis from leaf and petiole of Bergenia ciliata (Haw.) Sternb and antibacterial activity of callus extracts. Pak. J. Bot., 51(5): DOI:

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