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Performance and quality attributes of tomato cultivars under agro climate of Bagrote valley, Gilgit-Baltistan

Maqsood Hussain, Sartaj Ali, Sher Wali, Azhar Hussain, Furukh Faiz and Sayedd Hussain

A field experiment was conducted to evaluate growth, yield and quality parameters of four tomato cultivars (Roma, Riogrand, Fmx and Savera) in Bagrote valley Gilgit-Baltistan. The results obtained showed significantly difference (p<0.05) between the cultivar as maximum plant height (73.0cm), maximum number of branches (6.46), longest leaf length (10.26cm) and maximum number of days for flowering was observed in cultivar Roma. While lowest plant height (48.66cm), shortest leaf length (7.47cm) and minimum number of days (64.33) for fruit set was observed in cultivar Riogrand. However cultivar Savera showed intermediate behavior for different growth characteristics among the other cultivars. Roma showed maximum yield (29.4t ha-1) followed by Fmx and Savera (25.8 t ha-1 and 24.21 t ha-1), whereas the minimum yield (22.5 t ha-1) was found in Riogrand. Quality parameters i.e. pH, acidity, TSS and ascorbic acid were also found significantly different at p<0.05 among all four cultivars. Roma showed highest value of Ascorbic acid (21.36mg), Fmx showed lowest pH value (4.13), while highest TSS value (5.5⁰B) was observed in Savera. It was concluded from the study that among the four tested cultivars, Roma performed better in terms of growth yield and quality parameters, hence, it is suggested that Roma is most promising cultivar for the climatic conditions of the valley. The study further reiterates that proper selection of higher yielding varieties of crop and vegetables is imperative for farming communities to enhance productivity and increase house hold income for food security of the mountainous region

To Cite this article: Hussain, M., S. Ali, S. Wali, A. Hussain, F. Faiz and S. Hussain. 2020. Performance and quality attributes of tomato cultivars under agro climate of Bagrote valley, Gilgit-Baltistan. Pak. J. Bot., 52(4): DOI:

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