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Genetic characterization of species in genus Populus based on trnK gene

Du Shuhui, Hu Xiaoyan, Yu Wendong and Qiu Qiandong

Many species in the genus Populus are ecologically and economically important forest tree species. In the present study, genetic characterization of selected species from all the six sections of Populus was evaluated using chloroplast trnK gene. Two nucleotide diversity parameters, π and θW reached 0.00341 and 0.00603 respectively, which meant relatively low level of nucleotide diversity of these species in trnK gene. Results of neutral tests showed no significance, indicating the neutral evolution of trnK gene. Phylogenetic analysis showed monophyly of this genus. All the species of genus Populus were separated into two clades in the phylogenetic tree. The phylogenetic pattern of some species was discussed in detail, such as P. mexicana and P. tremuloides. The present investigation illustrates the presence of genetic variability among species of Populus and signifies trnK gene as a potential marker in phylogenetic analysis.

To Cite this article: Shuhui, D., H. Xiaoyan, Y. Wendong and Q. Qiandong. 2020. Genetic characterization of species in genus Populus based on trnK gene. Pak. J. Bot., 52(4): DOI:

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