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Variation in antioxidant activities and bioactive component contents of Salvia przewalskii maxim grown in China

Yuanyuan Jiang, Long Wang, Tao Wang, Li Zhang, Li Zeng, Qunqun Yang, Yonghong Zhou, Ruiwu Yang, Chunbang Ding and Xiaoli Wang

Salvia przewalskii Maxim is an abundant and endemic plant in China, and many of its secondary metabolites are important antioxidants. In this study, the antioxidant property of the leaf and root extracts and the contents of eight main bioactive components, namely, salvianolic acids A and B, rosmarinic acid, protocatechualdehyde, tanshinone IIA, tanshinone I, cryptotanshinone, and dihydrotanshinone I, in the leaf and root extracts were evaluated. Results provide scientific guidance on the efficient utilization of S. przewalskii as a source of natural antioxidants. The bioactive component concentrations and antioxidant activities of leaf and root extracts remarkably varied with season, and all extracts showed considerable antioxidant activity. Except for the superoxide anion radical-scavenging activity during the flowering stage, the root extract exhibited stronger antioxidant activity than the leaf extract in the same stage, which were mainly contributed by high hydrophilic component contents, such as rosmarinic acid, protocatechualdehyde, and salvianolic acid B. The correlation analysis results indicated that protocatechualdehyde was remarkably associated with 1,1-diphenyl-2-picrylhydrazide (DPPH) free radical-scavenging activity. Rosmarinic acid was notably associated with reducing power and DPPH and superoxide anion radical-scavenging activities. Salvianolic acid B was considerably associated with reducing power and DPPH free radical-scavenging activity. Therefore, given the high hydrophilic component contents, S. przewalskii leaves collected from the flowering period could also be used as very powerful herbal antioxidants, which also benefits the recycling of agricultural waste.

To Cite this article: Jiang, Y., L. Wang, T. Wang, L. Zhang, L. Zeng, Q. Yang, Y. Zhou, R. Yang, C. Ding and X. Wang. 2021. Variation in antioxidant activities and bioactive component contents of Salvia przewalskii maxim grown in China. Pak. J. Bot., 53(1): DOI:

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