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Ex-situ conservation and morpho-biochemical analysis of exotic cultivars of banana

Zainy, Azhar Hussain Shah, Shazia Erum, Zabta Khan Shinwari, Jan Alam, Uzma Khan and Sohail Ahmad Jan

Impact of various (growth/storage) media (SM1 to SM8) on biochemical and morphological traits of three cultivars of banana has been observed in this current study (Pisange, Brazillian and William). Study was carried out using two different temperature treatments i.e. 26°C and 18°C in order to develop an effective protocol for a short term ex situ conservation. Research experiments were carried out at National Agricultural Research Center (NARC), Islamabad, Pakistan during 2015. Maximum variations were observed for all of the morphological traits at a varied temperature and media concentrations. At 26°C, enhanced growth (plant height) and increased number of shoots had been observed in all cultivars, while the rate of increased number of roots was non-significant at both temperatures. After conserving the cultivars for short term of 5 months, biochemical analysis was performed. The biochemical analysis revealed the significant variations at both of the temperatures as well as on media. Brazilian cultivar (cultivar 2) substantially accumulated higher concentration of soluble sugar and proline both of provided temperatures as compared to other genotypes Cultivar 3 showed a significant increase in total chlorophyll content and chlorophyll a, b (William). The overall maximum proline and contents of chlorophyll were recorded in the cultures that were incubated at 26°C and 18°C respectively. So, 18°C temperature in combination with media SM2 and SM3 is better recommendation for short-term conservation of banana cultivars ex situ while 26°C is the best recommended temperature for maximum growth

To Cite this article: Zainy, A.H. Shah, S. Erum, Z.K. Shinwari, J. Alam, U. Khan and S.A. Jan. 2019. Ex-situ conservation and morpho-biochemical analysis of exotic cultivars of banana. Pak. J. Bot., 51(5): DOI:

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