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Production and cytogenetics of intergeneric hybrids of triricum aestivum with aegilops variabilis and AE. vavilovi

Ahsan A. vahidy , F.A. durrani , qamar jahan and A. mujeeb-kazi

Intergeneric hybrids between triricum aestivum L., and karnal bunt ( neovossia indica) resistant accessions of two aegilops spaecies were produced in different frequencies . aegilops variabilis was hybridized with genaro 81, Mri-buc “S”. Buc-pvn “S” and chineese spring at frequencies of 5.0 to 29.0 % . the endosperm formation was normal , mature seeds were slightly shriveled but germinated normally . the T. aestivum x Ac . variabilis hybrids , genomically represented as ABDUS , were cytologically normal , with 2n=5x=35 chromosomes . the mean meiotic association at metaphase-1 were categorized as low pairing and expressed as 33.96 univalents + 0.52 rod bivalents over 56 meiocytes analysed with a 0.52 mean chiasmata frequency . hybrid

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