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Effect of microbial antagonisis in the control of root rot of tomato

Shahida perween and A. ghaffar

Seed treatment with microbial antagonisis viz., trichoderma harzianum , gilocladium virens , paecilomyces lilacinus , rhizobium meliloti and Streptomyces sp., completely controlled infection of tomato rots by fusarium oxysporum in 30 and 120 day old plants. Against macrophomina phaeolina the effectiveness of microbial antagonisis declined with time and only gliocladium viruses was able to reduce M. phaseolina infection after 120 days of treatment . higher germinated of seeds, fresh weight , shoot length and plant lengt at all intervals as compared to control was observed in paecilomyces lilacinus and rhizobioum melilotic treatments followed by glicladium virens , trichoderma harziaderma and Streptomyces sp.

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