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Detection of the seedborne mycoflora of sunflower

Shahnaz dawar and A. ghaffar

Using blotter , agar plate and deep-freezing methods as recommended by ISTA , the seedborne mycoflora of sunflower was shown to consist of 20 different genera 36 species of fungi . more fungi were isolated by the blotter method followed by agar plate and the deep-freezing method. Variety HO-1 showed highest fungal colonization among the 20 samples testd. The pathogenic species included rhizoctonia solani Kuhn, macrophomina phaseoline (tassi) goid, fusarium moniliforme Sheldon , F. solani(mart). Appel and wollenw,, F/semitectum berk. And Rav., F. equiseti (corda ) sacc., drechslear state of cochliobohus spicifer nelson , alternaria alternate (Fr) keissier , A. teruissima ( kunze

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