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Contribution to the flora of Saudi Arabia part II. A revision of the family solanaceae

Sultanul abedin , mohammad A. al- yahya , shaukat ali chaudhary and jaber salem mossa

The family solanaceaea in the kingdom os Saudi Arabia has been revised . it is represented by 43 taxa distributed in 11 genera (including 12 cultivated species ).. two new status viz., solanum incanum L. var. uniguicularum (A. Rich ) abedin , al-yahya, chaudhary and mossa and withania somnifera (L.) dun subsp obrusfolia (Tackh.) abedin , al-yahya, chaudhary and mossa has been suggested and five taxa recorded for the first time are solanum augivi Lam., S. cordarum forsk ., Sekeagiifollium Cav., withania somnifera (L) dun. Subsp,obrusfolia (Tackh). Abedin , al-yahya, chaudhary and mossa and datura ferox L. there is an increase of 5 genera with 27 taxa and 6 genera with 22 taxa respectively against previous reports (migahid, 1978; collenatte, 1985). Key to genera, species their descrptions and geographical distribution are given .

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