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Phytotoxicity of silybum marianum gaertn ., on wheat

S.M. chaghtai , abdus sadiq and jehandar shah

Allelopathic effect of Silybum marianum gaertn , was studied in laboratory and field experiments . the aqueous extracts from different plant parts sognificantlt inhibited seed germination and radicle growth of triticum aestivum L. cv. Blue silver . the toxicity varied from part to part and was related to concentration , soaking duration and the freshness of the plant material assayed . stem exudates were highly toxic followed by leaves, inflorenscence and the roots. Leachates from fruit and fruit parts did not show toxicity . interference test confirmed the capability of weeds in relating the growth of wheat in mixed roots cultures. In field , decomposing litter from S. marianum showed significant reduction of height , length of 3 top intermodes , length of earhead . dry biomass and number of grains per earhead of wheat.

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