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Physiological differences in germinating wheat seeds due to seed source

Shahbaz ahmad and Floyd E. Bolton

Seedlings of 18 winter wheat cvarieties produced at 2 distinctly locations, were compared for physiological differences during germination . varities were significantly different (P=0.01) from each other for seeding axes weight , alpha- amylase and glutamine synthetase activities and soluble protein of seedling axes and endosperm. Corvallis source seed was superior to moro source seed for seeding axes weight and endosperm soluble protein while the reverse was true for alpha-amylase and glutamine synthetaes activities , and seeding axes soluble protein . enzyme activity increased in moro source seed due to environmental stress but corvallis source seed was better for total and soluble reserves in the endosperm . higher quantity of total and soluble protein in the endosperm over- shadowed the benefit of better enzyme activity for seedling growth . both genotype and environment affected the seed physiological properties . the interaction between varieties and seed source was significant.

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