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Effect of humic acid on root nodulation and nitrogenase activity of sesbania sesban )L.) merril.

Asghari bano , kauser A. malik and m. ashraf

Effect of different concentration of sodium humate applied to the root system of hydroponically grown seedling of sesbania sesban were studied on the seedling growth, root nodulation and nitrogenase actibvity. HA treatment at cotyledonary leaf stage at the time of inoculation increased the production of secondary laterals. Dry weight of root and shoot increased at 0.075 to 0.225 % HA. Rootnodules appeared 5-7d earlier and the number of nodules per plant and their fresh weight was significantly higher in HA treated seedlings . activity of nitrogenase increased following HA treatments . HA appeared to affect both the infection process as well as the formation and function of nodules in S.sesban.

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