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Abscisic acid stimulated intercellular fluxes of potassium in excised roots of maize,


Compartmental analysis were carried out to determine the influence of ABA on the intercellular fluxes of K in excised roots of zea mays L. the rate of influx was sensitive to ambient temperature and the tissus take about 24 hours to reach an eqyulibrium . ABA stimulated K influx rate at 15-250C, but did not alter the pattern of influx . the cytoplasmic content ‘Qc’ and the efflux at both the plasmalemma and tonoplast membrance were also increased by ABA , the net tracer uptake, however was little affected by ABA . In excised maize root , K was actively transported inwards. It is concluded that extermal ly applied ABA promotes intercellular fluxes of K and that interacts with energy-linked K pump. A model based on these results id described.

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