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Salinity and density effects on demography of atriplex triangularis willd

M. ajmal khan

The effect of density-dependent and density-independent factors in regulating the resource allocation , reproductive effort, and fecundity of atriplex triangularis populations were studid in field and laboratort conditions. Total biomass production and reproductive output of A. triangularis varied with changes in soil salinity and plant density. At low soil salinity , where plants produced greater biomass and had higher reproductive output, increased density resulted in a substancial decline in biomass production and a 500 fold lower reproductive output. At higher soil salinities , density- independent factors caused lower biomass production and reproductive output. Small plants were produced under three conditions , containing 57 seeds per plant . increased density caused a five fold reduction in biomass production and reduced fecundity to only 17 seeds per plant. Increase in density resulted in significant decreases in plant size but the

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