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Leaf callus culture of rauwolfia serpentina

Ihsan ilahi and mehmood akram.

Young leaves of rauwolfia serpentine baill, inoculated on MS medium supplemented with NAA @ 1 mg/l with 10mg/l K and and 10% CM under 24 h light induced callus while 2,4-D induced callus under 16 h light . callus induction and its growth was more on explants taken from in vitro raised seedlings on 2,4-D @ 1mg/l or NAA @ 1 mg/l +10 mg/l K and 10% CM under 24 h light. On subculturing the callus exhibited good growth similarly leaf callus growth on AM medium containing NAA, BAP, K, AS and 2,4-D with 1 g/l of CH showed excellent growth . the cultures on MS contained 0.0249-0.0281 % ajmaline , and 0.041 % on AM medium.

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