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Germination , growth and ion regulation in prosopis juliflora (Swartz) DC. Under saline conditions.

D.khan , rafiq ahmad and shoaib ismail

Germination and seedling growth of prosopis juliflora was tested using various dilutions of amended sea water. The plant exhibited high salt tolerance at germination as well as at the growth phase .fifty percent reduction in plant biomass corresponded to EC1w : 21.3 dS.m- 1 . it responded to salinity through K+ selectivity during ion influx and exclusion of Na+ from the leaves by retaining it in the roots. Ca++ content decreased in all plant parts under saline conditions likewise, concentration of Mg++ declined in roots and did not change in stem but increased in leaves. The mechanism of salt tolerance is discussed with respect to ionic balance suggesting a wide ecological amplitude for P.juliflora.

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