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THE COSTATA MUTANT IN THE PEA CAUSED BY MUTATION IN THE LOCA lum-1, lum-2, lum-3, lum- 4, and lum-5.


The costata mutant in the pea is characterized by green veins and yellowish green interveinal areas. Eleven cases of induced mutation have been reported and possibly one spontaneous. Eight of these induced cases was found to be due to mutation in the newly assigned gene lum-2, type- line assigned 5160, one to mutation in a previously investigated gene lum, here reassigned lum-1. Three mutants were found to be due to mutation in three different loca, different also from lum-1 and lum-2. These were assigned the symbols lum - 3, type-line 5443, lum - 4, type-line 5609, and lum-5, type-line 5937. Two further mutants probably belong to two further different loca but gene symbolization is pending further investigations.

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