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Tissue culture of opium poppy hypocotyls

Ihsan ilahi

Hypocots of papavar somniferum exhibited growth only when inoculated on ½ x MS medium . callus induction occurred on the addition of auxin and a kinetin. Best callus resulted at 0.5 mg/L of 2,4-D and 1.0 mg/L of K in presence of coconut milk, early browning and death of tissue was controlled by the addition of sodium diethyl dithiocarbamate at 250 mg/L. however , the addition of this substance necessitated a change in the hormone concentration and an excellent callus resulted at 0.1 mg/L of 2,4-D , kinetin 2.0 , SDD 250 mg/L and CM at 5% (v/v( . the cultures remained alive for a longer duration on this combination and be easily subcultured.

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