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Screening of genetic stock of sugarcane against red rot disease

Muhammad arshad gill and ahmad saleem

Among the 149 varieties of sugarcane creened against red rot , 57 were immune , 6 resistant , 9 intermediate resistant , 14 intermediate and 63 intermediate susceptible to very highly susceptible. Among the promising varieties L-118, L- 62/96, BL-4 , triton, CoL. 54, Co. 975, CP.57/614 and R-366 were very highly resistant while L-113, L-116, CoL. 29, CoL.44, Co.312, Co 564 , B. 4360 and BL. 19 were highly susceptible. Red rot caused by collectotrichum falcatum went., is te major disease of sugarcane in the country . reduction in weight of 12-41.5 percent , decrease in brix of juice from 2.7 to 21.7 percent and the decrease in expected sugar recovery by 17.1-36.5 percent , depending upon the severity of the disease and the variety planted has been reported (sandhu et al, 1969). Losses due to this disease are especially severe in the areas of high rainfall (saleem and gill, 1981). In the paper the results of screening of advanced lines of sugarcane varieties of sugarcane research institute , faislabad against red

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