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Effects of gamma irradiation on the amino acid levels in normal and opaque=2 maize (zea maysL.) seedlings

Jawed iqbal and Milan kutacek

Seeds of ahybrid corn wih normal genotype and of opaque=2 were irradiated at 0-200 Gy (10mGy =1 rad) of 60Co gamma irradiation. The free and bound amino acid levels of these two genotypes were compared from shoots of 10 days old seedkings. In control seedlings totals of free and bound amino acid levels were signioficatly higher in opaque-2 genotype im comparison with the normal genotype . following exposure, the free amino acid levels of the normal genotype did not sshow any significant radiation dependent increase or decrease , while in opaque-2 genotype the total levels of free amino acids showed a significant increase at all exposures, in bound amino acids , on the other hand , significant increase in total levels was obsereved in norml genotype at all exposures, while in opaque-2 genotype decreases were observed at all exposures , except for 100 Gy. Basd on these observations opaque-2 genotype appears to be more radiosensitive than the normal maize.

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