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Leaf architectural studies in the asteraceae=I


Leaf architectural studies have been made in 22 genera and 25 species belonging to 8 tribes of the asteraceae . leaves are oblong , ovate or elliptic . base acute , obtuse or lobate . apex acute , acuminate, attenuate or labate. Margin is lobed, wavy or serrate. Average size of the fully mature foliage leaves vary from species to species . major venation pattern conforms to pinnate- craspedodromous , pinnate- camptodromous with festooned brochidodromous secondaries , acrodromous and palinactinodromous types. Marginal ultimate venation is either incomplete , looped or fimbriate . number of primary veins vary according to the type of venation pattern. The number of secondaries on one side of the primary vary from species to species and

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