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Influence of flurenol (morphactin) on yield, carbohydrates and post harvest changes in potato tubers


Tuberization and yield of potato (solanum tubersoum L)cv. ‘ kufri alankar’ increased by single foliar spray of flurenol (n-butyl- 9-hydroxyfluorene-9-carboxylate) at 25 , 50 , 100 and 150 ppm but drastically reduced at 200 ppm. Carbohydrat contents in tubers increased at 25,50 and 100 ppm and decreased at 150 and 200 ppm of flurenol. Flurenol inhibited sprouting of the buds . loss in weight and rotting of tuber in storage were suppressed by flurenol . flurenol prevented conversion of starch into sugars and retarded the sweetening of tuber during storage.

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