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Factorial allelopathy : stress of aging , possible mineralization , nitrification , and individualistic pressure of different tree species in a forest community


Herbaceous biomass soil moisture, and soil factors pH, P,N, Ca , K MG, AND MN, when compared from under sycamore , hackberry, red oak, and white oak trees were significantly variable. The differential herbaceous growth pattern did not correspond with soil moisture or variability of different soil factors under different tree species. The amounts of available ammonium and nitrate nitrogen were inversely related to the amounts of total nitrogen under all trees . ammonium nitrogen was always found to be significantly higher than nitrate nitrogen in all cases . sycamore , hackberry , red oak , and white oak trees exerted differential allelopathy influence on their understoroy vegetation , inhibition of nitrification and mineralization . all species exhibited greater allelopathic impact with aging stress of the trees . many phytotoxins were isolated from sycamore , hackberry , red oak, and white oak plant material. Phytotoxins identified were mainly phenolics, flavonoids, hydrolysable and condensed tannins

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