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Effect of saline soils, amended with calcium nitrate on the growth and chemical constituents of potato plants.

Zaib-un-nisa Abdullah and rafiq ahmad

Saline soils of different regimes were amended with calcium nitrate to elucidate its effect on the growth and chemical composition of potato plants. The effects of salinity on the foliage growth were more pronounced in cv. Rheinhort than in the patrones and cardinal . chlorophyll content increased upto 0.8% amended salinity. Accumulation of oganic solutes (sugars, proteins, proline) in plants under salt stress suggests the basis of osmoregulation for building up salt tolerance. The ability of potato plants to discriminate between Na4 and K9 uptake from saline soils provides a criteria to forecast salt tolerance . on the basis of yield .cv. rheinhort is considered as highly tolerant , patrones as tolerant and cardinal as moderately tolerant to salinity. TGA level was significantly reduced by the amendmentsn under saline conditions.

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