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Prevalence of fungi on barley seeds

Nikhat sultana and M. jalaluddin

Ten varieties of baley seeds harvested in 1976 and collected from tandojam and faislabad were studied for the presence of seed-borne mycoflora . using ISTA technique , 19 species of fungi viz, Alternaria tenuis, , aspergillus niger, A-flavus, Aspergillus spp, chaetomium olivaceum, cladosporium cladosporioides, curvularia hinata, C. pallescence , drechslera hawaiiensis , D. halodes , D. papendorfii, D. rostrata, D. tetramera , fusarium moniliforme, F. semitectum, penicillium spp. Rhizopus nigricans , stachybotrysatra and trichothechum roseum were isolated . of these F. semitectum , D. papendorfii, S. atra F. moniliforme , D. rostrata and D. halodes have not so far been recorded on barley seeds from Pakistan. As determined by the blotter and agar plate methods , the average prevalence of fungi in the

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