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Accumulation of solar energy by sugar beet fields of Peshawar , N.W.F.P. PAKISTAN

Qaisar ali and amir noushad.

An estimate of net primary productivity of sugar beet fields has been made by measuring yields as determined by the harvest method . mortality of shoot tissue had also been taken into account. Paired-plots method was used for determination of dead organic material of shoots. Net primary productivity of various plants-parts was calculated by the products of then calorific values and yield. Addition of these values gave total net primary productivity for the crop. It was found that net primary productivity of sugar beet fields during its growing period (15 october 1978 to may 1979) was 4672.14 Kcals/m2. The relatve efficiency based on total solar radiations was 0.8 percent and absolute efficiency baed on photosynthecally efficient solar radiations was 1.7 percent.

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