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Genetic variability for quantitative characters among mutagen- derived barley populations

A.ghafoor arain and K.W. shepherd

Seeds of five barley cultivars (clipper, CI, 3576 , proctor, ketch and prior) having contrasting iyelds and adaption characteristics were treated with 0.04M ethyl methanesulphonate (EMS) for 8 hours and populations of M2-derived treated and control lines were assessed in replicated field trials over four different sites in south austrailia in the M4 generation. The treated populations of each of of five cultivars gave significantly reduced mean yields over all sites and exhibited significant increases in genotype variance , compared with the respective control populations similarly, the genotype variances for heading date, plant height and seed weight were significantly increased in the treated populations. The mean heading date of treatd lines of each cultivar , was shifted towards lateness whereas the mean values for height and seed , weight in the treated lines were not significantly altered except for seed weight of prior which was significantly reduced

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