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Activity of alkaline phosphatase in some seaweeds under the influence of hydrostatic pressure and temperature

Mustafa shameel

The combined effect of hydrostatic pressures varying from 200-800 atm and temperatures ranging from 5 degree ti 25 degree C. was studied on the activity of alkaline phosphatase in delesseria sanginneria and focus vesiculosus. At temperatures between 5 degree C and 15 degree C the hydro static pressure caused a decrease in the enzymic activity , at higher temperatures however the activity was accelerated under the same pressure. The changes in the enzyme activity brought about by increased hydrostatic pressure at temperatures other than 15 degree C were greater in D. sanguinea as compared to F. vesiculosus , enzyme activity in enteromorphia linza, laminaria saccharina and phycodrys sinuosa could not be detected.

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