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Somatic recombination in common-A heterokaryons of schizophllum commune


Common-A heterokaryons of schizophllum commune developed from auxotrophio parents were used for studying somatic recombination and. If possible isolating vegetative diploid strains. A simple method was devised for this purpose , whivh comprised the growth of the heterokartons first in liquid minimal medium.than the fragmentation of th resultant mycelia and subsequently the plating of the fragments on minimal agar to select colonies differing from the “flat” heterokaryons types. The selected colonies were isolated and analysed both for nutritional requirements and mating type factors. Genotypes resulting from recombinations between two parental nuclei of a heterokaryon could be detected. The probable mechanism of their formation and the usefulness of the echniques in selecting them have beeb discussed.

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