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Multivariate analysis of yield related traits in Brassica rapa germplasm

Sohail Ahmad Jan, Zabta Khan Shinwari, Afnan Khan Shinwari, Arshad Iqbal and Zahid Hussain

Brassica rapa is one of the important oilseed crops and commonly grown all over the world for multiple purposes. In present study multivariate based variability among B. rapa genotypes collected from four different countries (Pakistan, Germany, Netherlands, and Sweden). The two years mean morphological data were recorded for 18 different economically important quantitative traits. The multivariate analysis recorded maximum variations at first 5 PCs group. A total of 66.34% variability was recorded in first five principal components (PCs) group. The contribution to first five PCs in overall PCs was 27.32%, 15.01%, 9.54%, 7.90%, and 6.58%, respectively. Among all characters the pod shattering stage IV and V gave maximum positive contribution in overall genetic variability in PC1 (0.58) and PC3 (0.66). The principal component analysis (PCA) further classified all 253 genotypes into different population groups on the basis of their geographic origin. Seven different geographic groups were recorded and all showed different evolutionary history. The population groups 1 and 2 predominantly included the Pakistani genotypes. The population group 5 and 6 mostly contained the European genotypes. The rest of the groups contained genotypes from all four countries (Pakistan, Germany, Netherlands and Sweden). The geographic information system (GIS) study further showed that Pakistani genotypes are highly diverged from the European genotypes and present in all seven PCs groups. All the groups are highly diverged from one another on the basis of traits and geographic origins. Our results may be used as a baseline for future Brassica species breeding programs in Pakistan

To Cite this article: Jan, S.A., Z.K. Shinwari, A.K. Shinwari, A. Iqbal and Z. Hussain. 2024. Multivariate analysis of yield related traits in Brassica rapa germplasm. Pak. J. Bot., 56(4): DOI:  

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