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Osmoregulation mediated by structural and functional features in Cenchrus ciliaris L. under saline conditions

Shameem Kausar, Farooq Ahmad and Mansoor Hameed

Cenchrus ciliaris L. (buffel grass) is a forage grass widely distributed in saline and arid regions of Pakistan. Populations of C. ciliaris were collected from ten diverse habitats to evaluate their response to salinity stress. Three populations, Lal Suhanra (LS), Ladamsar (LD) and Derawar Fort (DF), were collected from highly saline habitats. The populations collected from low saline habitats were Qila Nawab Din (QN), Darbar Anayat Shah (DA), Nathia Galli (NG) and Kanhatti Garden (KG), while non-saline were Jaba (JB), Chok Azam (CA) and Khanewal (KH). Morpo-anatomical and physiological traits varied greatly in differently adapted populations. Population collected from the highest salinity (Lal Suhanra) showed the lowest root dry weight. Concentration of proline content and shoot K+ was the highest. Endodermal thickness in roots was the maximum, while size of bulliform cells, leaf sheath thickness and size of metaxylem vessels were the minimum in Lal Suhanra population. Plants collected from highly saline Ladamsar were the shortest in height with minimum root and shoot fresh weight and shoot dry weight. Root Na+ was the maximum in this population, while the largest endodermal cells and broadest xylem vessels were observed in Ladamsar population. Stem anatomical features like epidermal thickness, metaxylem area and vascular bundle area, leaf traits like lamina thickness and cortical cell area, and leaf sheath parameters like leaf sheath thickness, epidermal thickness and cortical cell area were the maximum in Ladamsar population. Plasticity is exceptionally high in all C. ciliaris populations, which might be the reason for its wide distributional range in a variety of habitats. Because of its heterogenic nature, C. ciliaris is among the most suitable species for re-vegetation of saline arid, disturbed and Narran lands

To Cite this article: Kausar, S., F. Ahmad and M. Hameed. 2023. Osmoregulation mediated by structural and functional features in Cenchrus ciliaris L. under saline conditions. Pak. J. Bot., 55(4): DOI:  

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