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Cloning and expression analysis of Delay of Germination 1 gene in buffalobur (Solanum rostratum Dunal)

Zhaoxia Chen, Xinguo Wang, Hongjuan Huang, Zhaofeng Huang, Longlong Li, Muhammad Saeed and Shouhui Wei

DOG1 (DELAY OF GERMINATION 1) is a specific gene related to seed dormancy and the expression level determines the depth of seed dormancy. However, the site and dynamics of DOG1 expression in Solanum rostratum Dunal (buffalobur), a highly dangerous exotic weed, is still largely unknown. Buffalobur has strong competitiveness and adaptability, it can only be propagated by seed and strong seed dormancy is the main constraint for its control and eradication. In this paper, DOG1 gene was cloned and the expression characteristics were analyzed at different developmental stages of buffalobur. The results showed that SrDOG1 transcription is seed specific, and the embryo is the main expression site. Low temperature can significantly promote SrDOG1 transcription level in seeds, while seed imbibition can decrease the expression. In the process of plant growth, SrDOG1 was expressed in all the reproductive organs as well as in roots, stems and leaves, although the expression is relatively low. Knowledge obtained here could help to elucidate the expression characteristics of SrDOG1 and provide a basis for revealing the role of DOG1 in regulating seed dormancy in buffalobur

To Cite this article: Chen, Z., X. Wang, H. Huang, Z. Huang, L. Li, M. Saeed and S. Wei. 2023. Cloning and expression analysis of Delay of Germination 1 gene in buffalobur (Solanum rostratum Dunal). Pak. J. Bot., 55(4): DOI:  

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