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Efficiency of plant extracts on Aspergillus growth and aflatoxin B1 production in Zea mays

Salim H.S. Al-Warshan, Sara Thamer Hadi and Linh Jaafar Sultan

The detection of fungi contaminating maize grain and the effect of four plant extracts Azadirachta indica, Eucalyptus globulus Glycyrrhiza glabra and Zingiber officinale on the growth of A. flavus and its ability to produce AflatoxinB1. The results showed that the incidence of Aspergillus spp., was 52.75% of the isolated fungi, of which 29.50% was due to Aspergillus flavus, followed by Penicillium spp., with an incidence of 21.06%, and then Fusarium spp., with a rate of 18.13%. The percentage of toxin-producing A. flavus isolates reached 70.8% out of 24 isolates. The results showed the effect of alcoholic plant extracts at a concentration of 10 mg/ml on the fungal growth activity of A. flavus, the alcoholic extract of neem leaves was superior to the alcoholic extract with an inhibition rate of 92.79% than that of the control treatment, followed by ginger extract with an inhibition of 60.14%, then eucalyptus extract with a medium inhibition rate of 53.88%. While the licorice extract showed a weak inhibition rate of 17.77 %. The lowest inhibitory concentration for the growth of the fungus for neem extract was 24 mg/ml. While the lowest inhibitory concentration of ginger extract was 48 mg/ml, while eucalyptus and licorice extract did not achieve complete inhibition of fungal growth despite using a concentration higher than 48 mg/ml for both types. The results indicated that the neem plant extract inhibited the production of AFB1 toxin in YES media by 100% at a concentration of 12 mg/ml, followed by ginger extract at a concentration of 24 mg/ml, while the eucalyptus extract achieved a complete inhibition of AFB1 production at the last concentration (48 mg/ml). The extract of licorice plant did not show a complete inhibition of toxin production, as the highest percentage of inhibition was 39.98% at a concentration of 48 mg/ml

To Cite this article: Al-Warshan, S.H.S., S.T. Hadi and L.J. Sultan. 2023. Efficiency of plant extracts on Aspergillus growth and aflatoxin B1 production in Zea mays. Pak. J. Bot., 55(4): DOI:  

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