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Effect of salinity on growth and antioxidant enzyme activities of Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni

Zainab Zahra, Zahoor Ahmad Sajid and Faheem Aftab

The current study is focused on the salt tolerance capacity of Stevia rebaudiana (Asteraceae) and to observe the effect of salt on growth and antioxidant enzyme activities. After surface sterilization, nodal segments from In vitro raised plants were cultured on Murashige and Skoog (1962; MS) basal medium containing various concentrations of sodium chloride (NaCl). After 30 days of salt stress, it was observed that various morphological and biochemical parameters of the plant were strongly affected. Shoot length was gradually decreased by increasing the NaCl concentration from 0 to 150 mM. Similar trend was found regarding the number of leaves and nodes. Total soluble protein contents and antioxidant enzyme activities were increased due to the activation of defense system of plant under stress. Total soluble protein content was 4.74, 5.8, 6.2 and 7.25 mg/g at 0, 50, 100 and 150 mM salt level. Peroxidase activity was changed from 0.30 U/mL of enzyme (control) to 2.37 U/mL of enzyme (150 mM) while CAT activity was increased from 2.2 U/mL of enzyme (control) to 4.0 U/mL of enzyme (150 mM). Similarly, there was a gradual increase in superoxide dismutase activity with increasing NaCl concentration from 0-150 mM compared to control. Changes in antioxidant enzymes’ activities indicate their important role in scavenging reactive oxygen species produced during stress episode

To Cite this article: Zahra, Z., Z.A. Sajid and F. Aftab. 2023. Effect of salinity on growth and antioxidant enzyme activities of Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni. Pak. J. Bot., 55(6): DOI:

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