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Evaluation of indigenous plant diversity of Kalabagh, district Mianwali, Pakistan

Abid Ejaz, Kafeel Ahmad, Zafar Iqbal Khan, Naunain Mehmood, Asma Ashfaq, Hazoor Ahmad Shad, Aima Iram Batool, Hafsa Memona, Asifa Sameen, Hafiza Farhat Bibi, Mohammad Ajmal Ali and Mohamed S. Elshikh

Vegetation provides the main structure of the ecosystem, hence supporting different ecosystem services. Analysis of vegetation is very useful for identifying plant diversity patterns as it provides information about the processes that maintain the species diversity within the ecosystem. In this study indigenous vegetation and biochemical attributes of selected species in Kalabagh, Mianwali was determined. Five sites were selected for sampling on the basis of variation in soil composition, latitudinal and altitudinal. 38 species belonging to 19 families were present there. Poaceae was the most dominant family. Acacia nilotica, Rhazya stricta, Trianthenum portulacastrum, Tribulus terrestris, Peganum hermala, Solanum incanum, Datura stramonium, Nerium indicum, and Oxalis corniculata, grow there. Variation in distribution of plant species with soil was observed. Rhazya stricta was studied for its biochemical attributes

To Cite this article: Ejaz, A., K. Ahmad, Z.I. Khan, N. Mehmood, A. Ashfaq, H.A. Shad, A.I. Batool, H. Memona, A. Sameen, H.F. Bibi, M.A. Ali and M.S. Elshikh. 2024. Evaluation of indigenous plant diversity of Kalabagh, district Mianwali, Pakistan. Pak. J. Bot., 56(4): DOI:  

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