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Transcriptome analysis and EST-SSR marker development of medicinal plant cyclocarya paliurus

Shuai Mu, Yu Zhang, Jia Xiang Zhang, Min Zheng, Jian Zhong Wang, Man Ping Ding, Maroof Ali and Xiao Hong Li

As people’s living standards improve, the Trio H's (Hyperglycemia, Hypertension, Hyperlipidemia) chronic diseases have seriously threatened the health of middle-aged and older people. In recent years, many researchers have become concerned about the development of specific drugs for Trio H's people. Because the leaf and bud teas of Cyclocarya paliurus (Juglandaceae) can relieve Trio H's syndrome, it is considered an ideal and potential medicinal tree. Concerning the unclear genetic background of C. paliurus, molecular markers applicable to the population level are still in need. In this study, using the BGISEQ-500 platform, we obtained about 108,003 unigenes by mining the leaf cDNA library of C. paliurus. Among them, 86,366 unigenes (79.97%) were successfully annotated, referring to the public protein database utilizing BLASTX alignment. 77,441 (Nr), 31,223 (GO), 60,160 (KOG), and 60,580 (KEGG) unigenes were aligned to NCBI databases, respectively. Besides, 27,960 SSRs were excavated and located from 21,517 unigenes, with an average frequency of 0.228 SSR/1 Kb, screened from 60 selected primer pairs, and 13 microsatellite primer pairs were found to be polymorphic and stable for C. paliurus. To confirm the validity of these thirteen primer pairs, we further screened 33 individuals derived from three locations (POP-JX, POP-HN, and POP-AH). The result showed that 51 variant loci were detected, with an average of 6.05 polymorphic loci per prime pair. The average genetic diversity index at the population level exhibited higher polymorphic (Ho:0.721; He:0.700; PIC:0.780). The reference transcriptome can facilitate functional genomic research of C. paliurus, and the new EST-SSRs will be useful for further population genetics study of C. paliurus

To Cite this article: Mu, S., Y. Zhang, J.X. Zhang, M. Zheng, J.Z. Wang, M.P. Ding, M. Ali and X.H. Li. 2023. Transcriptome analysis and EST-SSR marker development of medicinal plant cyclocarya paliurus. Pak. J. Bot., 55(5): DOI:  

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