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Comparative phytochemical study on three Tetraena species (Zygophyllaceae) growing at different salinity levels

Manal El-Zohri, Amina Al-Moshaddak, Hameed Alsamadany and Hassan S. Alzahrani

Plants grow under harsh conditions produce various phytochemicals which enable them to withstand stress conditions and are involved in resident adaptation. Three species, Tetraena coccinea, Tetraena alba and Tetraena simplex were collected from 3 localities, with different salinity levels, along south Jeddah coast, Saudi Arabia to analyze their phytochemical constituents. Ethanolic extracts of roots, leaves and flowers samples were screened by GC-MS analysis to identify the most abundant phytochemicals. From this study, 50 phytochemical compounds were identified in each extract. These compounds predominantly classified as alkaloids, terpenoids, flavonoids, phenols, steroids, alkanes, alcohols, fatty acids, esters and organic acids. Phytochemicals levels in each species positively correlated with the salinity level of the surrounding habitats.  Tetraena coccinea that grows in the highest saline conditions possess the highest levels of many active phytochemicals, mainly those belongs to alkaloids and terpenoids, compared to T. alba and T. simplex. Numerous of the identified compounds are bioactive phytochemicals and proved to hold a broad range of activities, which may help in the defense against incurable illnesses. Hence, from this study it can be confirmed that these species could be used as a new potential source for new drugs and pharmaceutical agents formulations

To Cite this article: El-Zohri, M., A. Al-Moshaddak, H. Alsamadany and H.S. Alzahrani. 2024. Comparative phytochemical study on three Tetraena species (Zygophyllaceae) growing at different salinity levels. Pak. J. Bot., 56(4): DOI:  

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