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A review on the dynamics of DNA methylation and its role in plant development

Kainnat Khalid, Madiha Rashid, Shumaila Naz, Nadia Zeeshan and Naheed Malik

In plants, the most prevalent and significant phenomenon is DNA methylation. De novo methylation in plant genome is generally lower than in animals. Natural environments controlled by biotic stresses also play a critical evolutionary role in controlling the pathways that regulate responses to stress, gene activity, and plant growth. The present review discusses various features of developmental changes resulting from genetic methylation in plants and particular genes involved in this process. Methylated DNA sequences primarily control changes from the vegetative to the reproductive cycle. In plants, DNA methylation regulates different developmental functions such as the morphology of leaves, flowering time, identity of different floral organs, ability to fertilize, restriction of transposable elements, and activation or blockage of transgenes multiple genes, their receptors, and protein products. For the development of endosperm and planning of the flowering period, also monitor time by this mechanism. DNA methylation genes for plant immunity have defensive functions that address environmental stimuli such as a parasite, pathogen or cold, stress, heat, and drought. These genes describe how complete DNA methylation manages a plant's whole development and progression. This overview provides insight into progress in DNA methylation in regulating developmental pathways of Arabidopsis thaliana and the evolution of other plant species. Our findings suggest that research in proteomic and genomic analysis can empower scientists to understand the methylation patterns and the role of methylation variation in biological processes during evolution. In addition, it provides collective information on molecular mechanisms that underlie various plant functions

To Cite this article: Khalid, K., M. Rashid, S. Naz, N. Zeeshan and N. Malik. 2023. A review on the dynamics of DNA methylation and its role in plant development. Pak. J. Bot., 55(4): DOI:  

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