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Assessment of maize cultivars for salt tolerance based on physiological indices

Mohsan Ali, Sara Zafar and M. Yasin Ashraf

Salinity is the main threat causing huge losses in crop production all over the world. To fulfill future food demands of increasing population around the globe, production of salt tolerant genotypes is essential. Reliable and fast screening methods would be helpful in the developing high yielding and salt tolerant maize genotypes. In the study, an effort to screen maize genotypes regarding salt tolerance was performed. Thirteen maize genotypes were assessed for salt tolerance under laboratory conditions using germination stress tolerance index (GSI), shoot length stress tolerance index (SLSI), root length stress tolerance index (RLSI), fresh weight stress tolerance index (FWSI), dry weight stress tolerance index (DWSI). The data so obtained was subjected to various multivariate practices comprising correlation and cluster analysis to evaluate the assortment for salt tolerance in maize genotypes. Highly significant and positive correlations were found between GSI, SLSI, RLSI, FWSI and DWSI. Cluster analysis classified the genotypes into divergent groups. Genotypes Sultan and Pearl exhibited adequate degree of salt tolerance, whereas, Sahiwal 2002, NMRI yellow, showed medium level of salt tolerance while Akbar and FH 963KH 15 were classified as sensitive genotypes. On the basis of multivariate analysis of the examined traits, physiological indices could be used as markers for the selection of genotypes for salt tolerance in maize

To Cite this article: Ali, M., S. Zafar and M.Y. Ashraf. 2022. Assessment of maize cultivars for salt tolerance based on physiological indices. Pak. J. Bot., 54(5): DOI:  

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