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Improvement of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) productivity with the applications of plant growth regulators

Iqra Iqbal, Khalid Hussain, Khalid Nawaz, Ejaz Hussain Siddiqi, Komal, Noshia Arshad, Mehreen Javeria, Usman Arif, Arifa Nazeer and Ghulam Yasin

Plant growth regulators (PGRs) are commercially used in many countries for the enhancement of growth and better yield in various crops including wheat but in Pakistan growers are reluctant due to non-availability of scientific information. In Pakistan, there is also a low yield of wheat as compared to many other countries that’s why there is need to improve the crop productivity. For this purpose, present research was conducted during 2019-2021 to evaluate the response of four wheat varieties (Watan-1994, Sehar-2006, Faisalabad-2008 and Galaxy-2013) to foliar applications of Indole Acetic Acid (IAA) and Gibberellic Acid (GA3). There were different levels of IAA and GA3 i.e. 0, 25, 50 mmol.L-1 separately and combined treatments of GA3+IAA. Results showed that different levels of IAA and GA3 increased the morphological attributes of wheat i.e. shoots and roots lengths, shoot and root fresh and dry weights and leaf area. All the biochemical attributes also showed significant increase in response to IAA and GA3 including photosynthetic pigments, total carbohydrates and proteins contents. Catalases (CAT) and Peroxide dismutase (POD) activities were also increased with the applications of PGRs. Different levels of IAA and GA3 also increased the seed yield significantly in all the varieties of wheat.  It was concluded that 50 mmol.L-1 combined application of IAA+GA3 was best for the improvement of growth and yield of wheat as compared to other levels. Overall, GA3 treatments were more effective for the improvement of crop productivity in wheat than IAA applications.  

To Cite this article: Iqbal, I., K. Hussain, K. Nawaz, E.H. Siddiqi, Komal, N. Arshad, M. Javeria, U. Arif, A. Nazeer and G. Yasin. 2022. Improvement of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) productivity with the applications of plant growth regulators. Pak. J. Bot., 54(5): DOI:  

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