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Intra-and interspecific competition of endangered plant Tetracentron sinense Oliv.

Lijun Chen, Wenqiang Jiang, Yuepan Geng, Yang Chen and Xioahong Gan

Tetracentron sinense Oliv., is the East Asian endemic species, broad-leaved tree distributed in south-central China. The current intra- and interspecific competition of T. sinense is unknown, but is vital to its conservation. Based on a field investigation of 56 subject trees and 626 associated trees in Tetracentron sinense communities, the intra- and interspecific competition intensity of T. sinense was analyzed using the competition indices model for individual tree. The intraspecific competition index of T. sinense (53.10) was far less than the interspecific competition index (170.50), indicating a striking effect of interspecific competition. At the community level, the maximum competition intensity was detected for intraspecific competition of T. sinense, followed by that of Pterocarya stenoptera, Acer pictum, A. franchetii, Davidia involucrata, Padus brunnescens, Cercidiphyllum japonicum, Bothrocaryum controversum, Betula utilis, and Euptelea pleiospermum, whereas the minimum intensity was in Aesculus wilsonii. The competition intensity of T. sinense decreased inversely with increasing diameter at breast height (DBH) above 20 cm. The relationships between the competition intensity and DBH of T. sinense individuals followed the strength function (CI = AD-B), which could effectively predict the intra- and interspecific competition intensities of this species. To promote natural regeneration of T. sinense populations, forest gaps should be introduced to stimulate seed germination, and selective cutting of rival trees should be adopted at DBH < 20 cm to lessen interspecific competition. It provides a theoretical basis for revealing the community status of endangered plants and predicting the development trend of population competition

To Cite this article: Chen, L., W. Jiang, Y. Geng, Y. Chen and X. Gan. 2022. Intra-and interspecific competition of endangered plant Tetracentron sinense Oliv. Pak. J. Bot., 54(5): DOI:  

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