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Taxonomic assessment and rearrangement of endemic Jasione supina-Complex from Turkey

Okan Sezer and Murat Ardic

Jasione supina (Campanulaceae) is a Turkish endemic and a variable species represented by 4 subspecies in the Flora of Turkey (J. supina subsp. pontica, subsp. akmanii, subsp. supina and subsp. tmolea). The morphological and anatomical characteristics of these taxa and their distribution area have been identified. Morphological characteristics of J. supina taxa such as involucral bracts, calyx and leaves have been compared with morphological characteristics given in Flora of Turkey. In consideration of collected morphological data, the description related to the Flora of Turkey has been updated and revised within the study. Besides, a new identification key has been created by correcting the existing mistakes in the earlier identification key of J. supina taxa. There has been found a high similarity between J. supina subsp. supina and J. supina subsp. akmanii in terms of morphological, anatomical and ecological characteristics. Also J. supina subsp. pontica individuals have been collected from the distribution area of J. supina subsp. akmanii (the peak of Mountain Köroğlu /Bolu and the peak of Mountain Murat/Kütahya). By considering the findings of the study, it is recommended that these two subspecies should be classified as a variety (J. supina subsp pontica (Boiss.) Damboldt var pontica stat. nov. and J. supina subsp. pontica (Boiss.) Damboldt var akmanii (Damboldt) Sezer stat. nov.).

To Cite this article: Sezer, O. and M. Ardic. 2022. Taxonomic assessment and rearrangement of endemic Jasione supina-Complex from Turkey. Pak. J. Bot., 54(1): DOI:  

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