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Assessment of potential functional use of floristic compositions in landscape restoration of habitats in arid regions

Abdullah M. Farid Ghazal

Plant diversity has been rapidly disappearing in arid and semiarid regions as a result of climate change and human activities. Nevertheless, the use of plants for various purposes is still widespread. One of the most urgent applications of plant diversity is the use of native plants in the restoration of landscape habitats on account of their extreme importance in supporting wildlife in natural and urban landscapes and their contributions to the process of transformation to sustainability. In fact, the arid and semiarid regions require greater focus insofar as the use of their native species is concerned; plant diversity needs to be adopted in planting projects to improve the vegetal list so that it becomes more compatible with the harsh conditions there. The present work, therefore, aims to assess the plant diversity of the main habitats by studying and analysing floristic compositions, life form, and chorological characteristics in order to select the materials of new plants, which are to be used in different landscapes under arid and semiarid conditions. This study covers 63 samples in all habitats in Wadi Al-Ahsibah in Al-Baha province in the southwest part of Saudi Arabia. Plant species were classified and arranged in accordance with their plant families, life form, chorology, and habitats, and, finally, with the aim to assess the functional use of landscape restoration. The results recorded a total of 202 plant species belonging to 142 genera and 62 families. This list provided 111 species as the materials for new plants for landscape architecture in accordance with visual appeal, functions, and potential environmental benefits like landscape restoration, hydrological applications, soil conservation, afforestation, and support of wildlife. Finally, the arid and semiarid regions have great potential for biodiversity and floristic composition, which could form a wide resource for several kinds of environmental and urban projects

To Cite this article: Ghazal, A.M.F. 2021. Assessment of potential functional use of floristic compositions in landscape restoration of habitats in arid regions. Pak. J. Bot., 53(6): DOI:

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