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Co-optimization of Bacillus licheniformis 208 biomass and  alpha amylase synthesis  using response surface methodology

Wajeeha Asad, Tabbassum Kiran, Farah Saleem, Shahla Siddiqui and Sheikh Ajaz Rasool

Among the prokaryotic species, amylases from B. lichenformis (BLA) have gained considerable interest pertaining to their broad industrial applications. Although a huge number of studies report the amylase production from B. licheniformis, none addressed the simultaneous optimization of BLA enzyme with biomass using statistical modelling. The main objective of the present study was to co-optimize biomass production together with alpha amylase synthesis from B. licheniformis 208 strain through response surface methodology. In this connection, the effect of 6 independent variables including temperature, pH, incubation time, concentration of peptone, yeast extract, and starch was studied at 5 different levels. According to the results, an optimized set of parameters for alpha-amylase production were found as pH (7.5), temperature (50ËšC), incubation time (72 hrs), 1.5% concentration of substrate (starch) and tested nitrogen sources (peptone and yeast extract). Amylase production was significantly influenced by the interaction of peptone and starch at the concentration of 15g/l. However, biomass production was maximally optimized at a parametric combination of pH 5, temperature 30ËšC, 24 hrs of incubation time, and 1% of the tested carbon and nitrogen sources. Both the biomass and alpha-amylase synthesis models (p<0.05) were found highly significant at 95% confidence interval. Results revealed that RSM mediated optimization enhanced the alpha-amylase production by 26% when compared with one variable at a time optimization. Furthermore, the current data may also provide insights into the potential use of B. licheniformis as a probiotic where RSM-assisted biomass optimization may help in exploring growth-promoting interactions

To Cite this article: Asad, W., T. Kiran, F. Saleem, S. Siddiqui and S.A. Rasool. 2021. Co-optimization of Bacillus licheniformis 208 biomass and  alpha amylase synthesis  using response surface methodology. Pak. J. Bot., 53(6): DOI:

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