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Enhancement in growth, nutrient uptake and yield in salt stressed maize by foliar application of methionine

Sadia Shahid, Abida Kausar, Muhammad Yasin Ashraf, Noreen Akhtar and Zill-I-Huma Nazli

Maize is leading cereal crop, having good quantity of vitamins, nutrients and minerals. It is cultivated all over the world for nourishment of human beings. Salinity is topmost problem of agricultural lands worldwide. Among numerous techniques being used in developing countries, use of organic compounds like amino acids is a cost effective technology. Amino acids have a valuable role in crop production and to reduce the changes produced due to abiotic stresses. In present experiment, four maize genotypes (FH1275, FH 936, FH 1231 and FH 1227) were used for two methionine levels (5 and 10 mg /L) under 80mM NaCl stress. After 120 days of propagating, four maize genotypes were evaluated for the measurements of various morphological and nutrient uptakes. Plants were uprooted and washed well. Yield parameters were examined at plant maturity, the methionine level 10 mg/ L showed better results as compared to 5 mg/ L both under saline and non-saline environments. Completely Randomized Design (CRD) with three factor factorial plan was used to assess the efficacy of amino acid on maize, under saline stress. Data was analyzed using suitable statistical analysis.

To Cite this article: Shahid, S., A. Kausar, M.Y. Ashraf, N. Akhtar and Z.H. Nazli. 2021.  Enhancement in growth, nutrient uptake and yield in salt stressed maize by foliar application of methionine. Pak. J. Bot., 53(6): DOI:

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