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Diversity and distribution of cyanobacterial community in mangrove stands and coastal waters along the coast of Pakistan

Shahnaz N. Mansoor, Zaib-Un-Nisa Burhan, Seema Shafique, Rahila Abdul Aziz and Pirzada Jamal Ahmed Siddique

Cyanobacteria are a diversified group of microorganisms found in variety of habitats. For a better understanding of their diversity and distribution, these cyanobacteria epiphytic on pneumatophores of mangroves, adjacent surface sediments, and channel water were studied. A total of 47 taxa were observed belonging to five orders and fifteen families. The majority of the taxa were recorded in the order Oscillatoriales followed by Synechococcales and Chrococcales. Family Oscillatoriaceae contributed substantially (10.26%) in the order Oscillatoriales. While, in the order Synechococcales, Merismopediaceae had considerably contribution (17.95%) and the order Chroococcidiopsidales was represented by only one family. Diversity and distribution of cyanobacteria in the mangrove habitat was observed where fourteen species were recorded as epiphytes on pneumatophores and thirty seven species were distributed on the surface sediments. On the other hand, twenty one and fourteen species were present in adjacent channel waters of Manora and Sonmiani, respectively. Results showed that Manora channel water has greater cyanobacterial diversity compared to Sonmiani Bay waters. Diversity indices also reflect the same pattern. High species richness R1 (9.36) and species diversity 0.97 (λ) and 3.53 (H') were recorded for surface sediment. Evenness (J') was similar (1.0) in all collected material from different sitesr however the dominance (D) was higher (0.07) for pneumatophore at Sandspit and channel water of Sonmiani Bay. Present study is initiated as preliminary survey to record the distribution and diversity of cyanobacteria which play a pivotal role in microbial food web. During the study it has been revealed that they have capabilities to act as nitrogen fixers, recyclers of nutrients and primary producers, thus further studies on significant contribution of cyanobacteria in the unique mangrove ecosystem are suggested

To Cite this article: Mansoor, S.N., Z.U.N. Burhan, S. Shafique, R.A. Aziz and P.J.A. Siddique. 2023. Diversity and distribution of cyanobacterial community in mangrove stands and coastal waters along the coast of Pakistan. Pak. J. Bot., 55(1): DOI:  

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