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Genetic variation and phylogenetic relationship among different leaf lettuce (Lactuca sativa L.) varieties in Korea

Yu-Meng Lu, Xin-Fu Bai, Shi-Lin Zheng, Yong-Chul Park, Yan-Lin Sun and Soon-Kwan Hong

The genus Lactuca, known as vegetables or oil crops, is widely cultivated in Canada, Australia, European and Asian countries. To satisfy people’s demands of nutrition and taste on lettuces, abundant germplasm and hybrids have been bred by breeding programs or hybridized naturally. This makes variety identification of these germplasm and hybrids difficult, and baffles the following trait improvement and target selection by breeding programs. In this study, we selected 18 distinguished edible lettuce varieties, and evaluated their genetic divergence and phylogenetic relationship based on multi DNA markers to search for an effective method of variety discrimination. DNA alignment results suggested that the rRNA 5S gene was the most variable DNA marker among investigated markers, and the nrDNA ITS gene was not sensitive between Lactuca and Brassica genera. In the 5S phylogenetic tree, all materials were divided into two groups, and the grouping pattern was considered to be related with leaf color but not leaf shape. S3 and S5 had two nucleotide array deletions and one addition as comparison to other lettuces, sharing relatively nearer phylogenetic relationship compared to other lettuces. By analyzing multi DNA markers, the relations between grouping and leaf color and shape were further improved in the combined phylogenetic tree. This work could help to direct lettuce variety discrimination and target selection for breeding programs. The most informative DNA marker for lettuce variety discrimination could be applied in the variety discrimination of other plant species. 

To Cite this article: Lu, Y.M. X.F. Bai, S.L. Zheng, Y.C. Park, Y.L. Sun and S.K. Hong. 2021.  Genetic variation and phylogenetic relationship among different leaf lettuce (Lactuca sativa L.) varieties in Korea. Pak. J. Bot., 53(3): DOI:

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